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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Mari berbicara tentang seks : Alvin Tan & Vivian Lee

Apa nak jadi dengan dunia sekarang ni, sudah terang-terang melakukan mungkar, tiba-tiba mendapat tempat dan dijadikan seperti idola, diberi penghormatan dengan temurama radio bagai selebriti lagaknya. Bukan sahaja tidak menyesali perbuatan mereka, malah merasa bangga dan angkuh. Tambahan masyarakat yang memberikan sokongan bagai hero serta heroin. Di manakah silapnya...

Dijemput dan ditemuramah dalam radio Red FM serta Capital FM di MALAYSIA ini seolah-oleh menggalakkan lagi perkara sumbang di kalangan anak muda, memang tidak sepatutnya berlaku. Inilah gejala sebenarnya tetapi dianggap sebagai hiburan anak muda. 

Rosak akhlak, runtuh bangsa dan negara kalau perkara sebegini ditangani dengan cara sedemikian rupa. Bangsat betul...

Where do you go after you've posted naked pictures and sex videos of you and your lover on the Internet? Let's ask Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson—and for that matter, Colin Farrell, Kanye West, Tommy Lee, Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit and perhaps some politicians, too.

Truth is, bedroom photos and sex romp tapes are great for jacking up a celebrity's profile, and many a star have had their career explode on the back of a sex scandal. Now, Malaysian sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee are finding out just what a wide rollercoaster ride that kind of infamy can be.

Public opinion has been split on their actions, from people tearing them apart and putting them down with every vile name in the book to supporters who champion their right to freedom of expression and commending them for standing up for what they believe in.

Not that either of them could care less what people think.

In an exclusive interview with Joanne Kam and Xandria Ooi for Capital FM yesterday—a separate conversation was recorded for Red FM, another Star Media Group-owned radio station—both Alvin, 24, and Vivian, 23, looked to be thoroughly enjoying the attention and made no apologies for being who they are.

"Doing things like bungee jumping or skydiving is pretty standard stuff. I want to hang out with people who have done things which are unprecedented," said Alvin.

Vivian certainly fits the bill. Before he met her, Alvin says his ex-girlfriends were pretty vanilla in their sexual proclivities and weren't too keen to experiment with him. "Most were cowards," he said. "OK, I take that back—they were unadventurous."

In fact, it was Vivian's idea initially to take some photos of them in the nude and tape them shagging. But it was a mutual agreement between the two young adults to post their explicit pictures and videos on the Internet and share the lot with, well, the whole wide world.

After making contact on Facebook, Alvin revealed, "We started taking the photos the second time we met. We were fooling around in a hotel in Penang on holiday, and she was totally naked and she asked if I wanted to take her picture. I was totally game for it."

At first, their photos appeared on their Facebook profiles. But when other users flagged their pictures as inappropriate, they took their work to a blog they created called Sumptuous Erotica. Even then, the hits were low—until they posted the link in a social forum.

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